Lisa Green saw the effect her art had on people.She paints with pointil lism, with pinpoint dots of color. "I noticed how everyone wanted to touch my paintings," she said. It made tier think of Braille. the language of dots that allow blind people to read. And she wondered, how do blind people enjoy, art? The answer. she found, is that most don't. If you "see" by touch. you're out of luck. That's how she came up with her new project, a book titled "Now I See What You See." It's similar to a typical child's picture book. with some text de scribing such animals as lizards, porcupines and chimpanze
'The difference is, through tae tile diagrams. blind readers will be able to feel the shape of the animals.more>>


Jots from Jody

Hiya!  In this edition of Jody's Jots, I'm placing the spotlight on Lisa Green and her unique book!

Not only do I hope to give attention to Lisa, but I hope to give you a dose of inspiration through her story.

Lisa Green is the author and creator of the book “Now I See What You See”. This book was designed to give blind children an opportunity to see, through touch, different kinds of animals. The pictures of the animals are created through raised dots. Text, describing the animals, can be read in both Braille and print.

Are there other picture books for blind children? Yes, however, the amount of detail displayed in “Now I See What You See” is phenomenal and is what makes this book different from the rest. Lisa wanted to create pictures that would allow children--as well as adults-- to see different aspects of the images each time they look at them. The pictures are more than mere sketches, they are works of art!

Lisa realized, with her artistic talent, she
could create a detailed picture book that
would not only allow blind children to see
animals but would also allow them to
experience art.

The question, however, was how?  

So, what inspired Lisa to create a book for blind children? Well, Lisa noticed that sighted people couldn’t keep their hands off her paintings, which were created with raised and colored dots. This led her to wonder about how the blind enjoy art. Lisa soon realized that unless pieces of art could be touched, people who are blind had to miss out.

Then Lisa realized, with her artistic talent, she could create a detailed picture book that would not only allow blind children to see animals but would also allow them to experience art. The question, however, was how? After all, there had to be a reason that picture books for the blind weren’t very detailed. After spending a few days at a Braille printing company, Lisa noticed the lack of details found in books was due to the machines. They couldn’t create the kinds of details that people should experience. So in 2004, Lisa created a new machine (patent-pending) that would create more detailed work!

photo of illustration in Lisa Green's book

You wanna get a copy of this cool book, don’t you? (I know you do!) Just call 1-877-207-4002 to place your order! You may also use this number to get a message or question to Lisa. The cost of the book is $29.00 plus sales tax and shipping and handling. Checks can be made payable to Lisa Green. You may E-mail Lisa or write her at Now I See What You See, 811 Massechusetts Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.

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Finding Motivation

Lisa felt “Now I See What You See” was a project inspired by God. One day as Lisa was praying for direction for her life, an unusual thing happened. When buying a snack from a vending machine, she received the Helen Keller (Alabama State) quarter as part of her change. This was a sign for Lisa to move forward with her project.

It hasn’t been easy though. It has been five years since she started this amazing book, and it is still hard to acquire the necessary funding and support to take it to the masses.

This artist, however, is not giving up. Lisa always keeps a Helen Keller quarter near her side to help her to remember why she is doing what she is doing. Lisa also stays motivated by focusing on all the positive feedback she gets from “Now I See What You See”.

What about you? What do you do to keep motivated? As you know, being an artist isn’t easy. We face so many challenges that it’s tempting to give up. Learn from Lisa and find ways and purposes to keep yourself motivated. Do you keep something tangible next to you, like Lisa does, to serve as a reminder of your motivation? Do you focus on the positive feedback that people give you? Do you allow your faith to fuel your spirit? E-mail me and let me know how you keep going! Who knows? You may see your thoughts in an upcoming column! How cool would that be?

In the mean time, use Lisa’s story to inspire you and get to work on that project that has been on your mind. Come on! You can do it!

Until next time,

Jody Courtney

posted 1/29/08

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