Do you know of a blind person, who would like to see a real illustrated picture in all its details?

This book gives a lot more then lines or dots, it gives a child or
adult time to see a picture the way we do.

This book will open up a new world to a blind person, that
has out grown the limitations of just Braille.

Some people think that this book will confuse a blind person,
but as a child grows so does their need for more detail.

I would like to help enhance Science, Social Studies, and Art books in any way that one of my books can help. We are also looking for a school or Foundation that will indorse this new book.

We will be happy to give donations to the school that can help with indorsing. I will also offer a discount to any school or organization purchasing ten or more

All donations will be used for start-up including the purchase of a thermoform machine and other office supplies and equipment

Call 1-877-207-4002 or mail to Now I See What You See, 811 Massechusetts Ave., Indianapolis IN 46204.

Cost of the Book is $29.00 plus sales tax and shipping and handling.

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Call 1-877-207-4002 or mail to
Now I See What You See
811 Massachusetts Ave.
Indianapolis IN 46204.
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